Not deleting already downloaded queue

Sonarr version (exact version): (Docker)
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04
Debug logs: Not needed
Description of issue: I’ve migrated to a new server and started using a different torrent client (qBittorrent). So I transferred all my seeding torrents to qBittorrent, I added qBittorrent to Sonarr and now Sonarr detects all the torrents as new torrents that I’d like to import. Resulting in a 9 pages - 127 records in the Activity > Queue tab:


I’d like to clear the queue in Sonarr, but without deleting it from qBittorrent because I want to keep seeding it. How would I be able to do this? I don’t mind running a query in the database if that’s necessary.

Radarr also has this problem, so I expect I can apply the same solution if there is any.

Change the category/label or allow Sonarr to re-import those files.

I want to keep the category in my torrent client the same as in Sonarr. I think that’s best practice and the most consistent towards new torrents coming in.

Importing all tv-shows in the queue is 517GB. Since I’m running a server with Google Drive storage I prefer not to do that. It’s just a bunch of database records with a wrong status. Isn’t it possible to change this another way?

I ended up upgrading to v3 where I can manually delete them without deleting the torrent from the queue in my torrent client.

I have 2 tags, sonarr (which is the one it looks for) and after import it switches to sonarr-imported. Helps me to also know which are in or not & let’s sonarr overlook them :slight_smile:

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