"No video files were found in the selected folder"

Sonarr version (
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs: PrivateBin
Description of issue:

I am using rapidseed seedbox. I can get Sonarr to see the seedbox and start the downlaods. I see inside of Sonarr that the files have finished and can look in my seedbox filesystem and see that they are in fact there.

But sonarr doesn’t seem to be pulling those files FROM my seedbox TO my local machine. I just get "“No video files were found in the selected folder”

I am running sonarr on the local machineand have my settings set as:

Root folder (local Machine):

Remote pathing:

Location where my torrents are being DL to:

Error I keep getting:

Am I missing a setting somewhere? Do I have my pathing messed up?

Is SABnzbd required for this process? I thought Sonarr had the ability natively to find, download, rename, and transfer the files to your PC.

Please if ANYONE can help me. It’s been nearly 2 weeks, I have made posts on here, reddit, toms hardware, other arr forums. I don’t know where the disconnect is. I am reading the logs but I don’t see anything that specifically tells me what to fix.

I have literallly been on the verge of frustration tears trying to get this to work. Does anyone know of a service I can contact to PAY someone to help me with arr set up?

I’ve followed EVERY guide. Trash-guides, the guide specifically from my seedbox, various yt guides. ALL of them deviate in some way and none of them seem to work.

I just want help.

What are you using to sync from seedbox to local? I’m guessing you’re not actually doing this step, and that’s why nothing is working for you. (Additionally I’m not sure your paths are optimal, but that’s currently of less concern than not syncing your content off the seedbox.)




First of all thank you so much for even taking the time to help! It is deeply appreciated.

I am currently using Resilio since Rapidseed offers integration to it.

On my seedbox I have a finished downloads folder that is one way sync’d with my local PC so everything in there goes to my local but nothing from my local goes to the seedbox.

I have Resilio synching everything to a separate folder where sonarr is linked too. So that it SHOULD take the file from the local resilio folder, then move it and rename it into my plex TV shows folder.

All of this is also just through windows. I’m not using Docker or Unraid or anything like that.

Next step then is probably your paths. Just from glancing at your screenshots it seems you’re putting your downloads directly in to your Root folder, which you generally want to avoid.

Go through the links, fix your paths, you should be on the way to getting things working.

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