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Sonarr v2.0.0.5163
Windows 10 v1803

I’ve recently reinstalled Windows 10 and restored my Sonarr settings, as I did with Radarr. Radarr is working as expected. All of my settings and media is in Sonarr, but it doesn’t search. I click manual search and the second I click it I says nothing found. My indexers(via Jackett ) have all been tested and are working.

I’ve disabled windows firewall and still nothing. Am I missing something?


Looks like your DB is corrupt, specifically the IndexerStatus table.

A couple options:

  1. Restore a working backup
  2. Open the DB in a SQLite editor and run DELETE FROM IndexerStatus


Thanks. I’ve restored to a previous version. I’ve had a corrupt DB in the past. Is there anyway to stop this happening?


Hard to impossible to say how it’s happening, but sudden power loss is a big problem.


Okay. I’ll just try and ensure I have numerous backup copies of my database.

Thanks for the help!


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