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Mono version (v2.0.0.5228):
OS Windows 10:
((Debug logs )):

Description of issue:

I’m new to sonarr so please let me know if I need to clarify more.

I set it up and had it working correctly two days ago. I did the wrong thing and had it search for all 600+ episodes at once, but it was working. Just very slowly. It was removing torrents from QBittorrent after they hit their seed ratio and moving to the proper folder. Now, it is finidng the torrents and downloading them, but it is not moving or deleting them from client. I’m having to go in and manually import everything. The only thing I changed that I can remember (i played w some settings) was setting up Radarr. The only different thing here would be that the torrents are stored on a shared network drive ran from my server. Sonarr is ran on that same server, but in a virtual machine on windows 10. Any ideas on where to start ?


Are they in the correct category in Qbit?

That’s usually the cause of Sonarr not seeing them downloading/complete.

Also make sure Qbit isn’t removing them once they finish downloading, otherwise Sonarr will never be able to import them (it learns what to import from the download client).


So after some more looking through logs and experimenting I know what the issue is, but I have no idea what’s causing it. To answer your questions first…yes the category is correct in QB. I’ve actually narrowed the issue down to QB, but I still have no idea why. The same problem is occurring Radarr.

This is only effecting downloads where the medi file (.mkv .avi etc) is inside of a level folder with the same name. Sonarr is searching for a level folder to find the file because that’s how the original download occurred. QB is moving the whole thing (level folder) into the completed download folder and then at some point the level folder gets deleted. So the .mkv file is sitting there in the completed folder, but Sonarr is looking for the level folder instead of just looking in the main directory. This seems like a silly issue, but I guess it has to have the original structure to find the file. Files that download just a media file with no folder get found with no issues.

Any ideas on what could be deleting the level folder? I thought it was Sonarr until I setup radarr and had the same issue.


Is Qbit set to move completed downloads to a different folder?

Not sure what it could be, though I recall some issues with completed downloads being moved in Qbit.


Yes, but according to the log file it moves the level folder as well. I switched clients and it’s working as intended now


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