No longer able to import existing series

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Mono Version:
OS: Ubuntu 18 with Docker
Debug log:

I recently reinstalled Sonarr and started importing my series. Due to the sheer number of series I have, I was only importing 100 a a time. Woke up this morning to start importing more and Sonarr wont allow me to. It sees the number of unmapped folders, lists them, but will not start processing. Pushing the “Start Processing” button does nothing, as does manually trying to match.

If I try to “Add New,” Sonarr has no problem adding the series, it is only when trying to import existing folders.

Did you actually select any entries in your second screenshot (checkbox on the left), and select the correct series since sonarr can’t determine it automatically (dropdown on the right) before clicking the Start Processing button?

Edit: now that I think about it, you’ll first have to pick the series in the dropdown before you can even select it, if I recall correctly.

Might be too hard to see in the image, but I was unable to click the checkbox next to the series title.

Update: I don’t know what caused the problem or how it resolved. I woke up this morning and reopened Chrome, loaded Sonarr and everything is working correctly … Windows 10? Chrome? I don’t know.