No image while adding series


Is it normal that there is no image shown when searching a new show before adding it? In radarr it does show coverart, but I sonarr I can’t see it on different machines. Once added it does show the picture.

So is it working as intended or is something wrong?


They should be shown, what do the debug logs show?


Do you need the full debug log? Cause I’ve looked through it and I can’t find anything other then the processing of files. And I don’t want to waste your time with full logs with no useful info.

For this example I’ve searched for “Highlander” and only see this happening in the debug log:
18-8-8 21:06:47.2|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/series/lookup?term=highlander: 200.OK (211 ms)

The trace log shows this:
18-8-8 21:12:46.6|Trace|Http|Req: 300 [GET] /api/series/lookup?term=highlander
18-8-8 21:12:46.6|Trace|HttpClient|Req: [GET]
18-8-8 21:12:46.6|Trace|ConfigService|Using default config value for ‘proxyenabled’ defaultValue:‘False’
18-8-8 21:12:47.0|Trace|HttpClient|Res: [GET] 200.OK (453 ms)
18-8-8 21:12:47.0|Trace|Http|Res: 300 [GET] /api/series/lookup?term=highlander: 200.OK (459 ms)
18-8-8 21:12:47.0|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/series/lookup?term=highlander: 200.OK (459 ms)

I’m using pi-hole but whitelisted all the sonarr links mentioned online. And I’ve also tested with pi-hole off (restarted sonarr after) and still the same result.


Ahh, those images are loaded directly from TheTVDB (for the search results). which redirects to is what I’m seeing used for the first result.


That was the problem indeed. When I whitelisted in pi-hole it instantly started showing the images. It’s weird though, The page did not show up in the pi-hole query logs. Plus I’m not running heavy blocklists and with pi-hole disabled it still didn’t work. Could be some DNS caching issue of course.

Anyways it’s working fine now, thanks for the support :slight_smile:.


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