Next release or update coming out?


Does anyone know when the next planned release/update version is meant to be released? I saw there was a recent update for Radarr.
I am having a few issues on sonarr and getting sick of manually changing my folder names so Sonarr can detect the files and import.


While I welcome you aboard lets not assume it’s the programs fault and actually put in a help request so people can help you figure out what’s actually causing the issue.

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Are you running qbt 4.3?

Beyond that, we need all the requested information for help & support.

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Thanks for the update, i was running the latest version of qbittorrent so i have downgraded to version 4.2.5. and still having the same issues.

Here is a example of the naming issue for all my files.

What sonarr is looking for

  • No files found are eligible for import in C:\Users\Andre\Downloads\Family.Guy.S19E06.1080p.WEB.H264-CAKES[TGx]

The folder name that actually downloads to the computer (you can see the folder name is different at the end)

Is there a way to fix this without having to manually keep renaming the folders for importing?

Anything that was added to qbt 4.3 needs to be fixed manually (even after downgrading), anything new added should work though.

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If it helps any I dropped qBittorrent and went to Deluge.

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Thanks, I tried Deluge but was pulling very slow download speeds and had checked all the settings.
Ended up going back to Qbittorrent for speed.

Thanks - all working now.
Do you know when the next software update will be released for sonarr?

I’m sorry but a torrent client speed wise is a torrent client. Meaning you’re not going to get slower speeds in one versus another unless you deliberately slow it down.