Newbie difficulty with Sonarr Setup (Synology, Docker, Sabnzbd, and Sonarr)


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Docker on Synology


Trying to Install Sonarr and Radarr. I am a complete Newbie to Usenet (litterally JUST found out about it today).

I’d successfully followed this setup guide: [] to install SABnzbd in Docker as well, then moved onto Sonarr.

I’ve been following this guide: []

…But I got stuck at the Download Client Setup page. I can’t seem to get a connection when I test connection.

I’ve left the username and password blank because there was no option to create a username or password when I setup SABnzbd. The only login I’ve had related to SABnzbd was for

When I test connection it fails. (picture below)

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


I figured this out this morning. I had a mis-match between enabling SSL in SABnzb and Sonarr. Now everything set to SSL.

Also, (I’m not sure why since everything is in Docker), I had to change localhost to my NAS IP address (make sure its setup as static if anyone else is reading this), and I had to change the port to the local port which I specified, used in the docker setup (instead of the container port which is the default 8080).

I’m curious about the thoughts on why I would have to specify the IP address…anyone have any thoughts on this one?



Because every container has it own ip,
See it as a small computer.
So if you run 4 container you would have 4 Mini computers running.
So localhost won’t work.


Ok good explanation thanks! Didn’t know that about containers. Cheers.

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