New docker install of Sonarr does not see Ubuntu file structure

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu server
Debug logs:
**New docker install of Sonarr does not see Ubuntu file structure **:

New docker install of Sonarr does not see Ubuntu file structure when adding a series. See graphic.

what volume mappings have you set for the container?

ie have you actually mounted a volume as, or under, /mnt? /mnt in the container is not /mnt on your host unless you actually map it into the container like that

from your host, if you run docker exec -it "sonarr" bash (where sonarr is the name of the container) and then do ls -all /mnt do you see anything?

so it looks like theres nothing under /mnt at the container level, which goes back to what volume mappings did you setup for the container?

its possible its a permissions thing but we need to confirm the volume mappings are in place first

how did you start the container? docker run command? if so post the full command line you used for that

Uninstalled everything and started again. Have been using Dockstarter and/or portainer. Nzbget downloads when NZB is provided. Still cannot see any file structure with Sonarr or Radarr when adding shows. Below are screenshots


ah, standard problem for new docker people - confusing host and container paths

from your volume mappings the sonarr container sees /mnt/downloads as /downloads, it also sees /mnt/downloads as /data (is that correct? or is it meant to be something else)

sonarr wont see anything under /mnt as you havent mapped anything from the host into there. its empty because the container image doesnt have anything in there. you mapped in /data and /tv so it could use those, but you probably want to use /tv instead

if you dont care too much about the extra data access the container will have you could remove the mappings for /data, /downloads, and /tv, and just map /mnt to /mnt as it appears thats where you want all your downloads and series data anyway? then you can go back to using container paths that look exactly like the host paths (just dont forget they arent - unless you map them)

ie, i presume your download clients will return a path that will be something like /mnt/downloads/... for any complete job and sonarr wont be able to see it as you dont currently have a /mnt path.

you could setup a remote path mapping to tell sonarr that /mnt/downloads is /data but sometimes its simpler to do it at the volume mapping instead

Actually this is my first venture into Linux too. I have two external Drobos that i would like to point to. Need a dummies guide if you can point me to one it would be most appreciated.

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