Need Help Remote Path Seedbox

Sonarr version (
Mono version (
OS: docker on Synology NAS
Debug logs:
Description of issue: sonarr don’t see the new episode of the show


I don’t understand how to configure Sonarr. I solved the problem with Radarr to use dronefactory.

But how can i do with radarr ?

I have a distant Seedbox ( so i can’t do a remote path mapping.

The NAS download automaticaly the TV Show in a folder (eg : download).
I want’t sonarr detects automatically this shows, and then rename / move (or copy) the file to the right folder.

Isnt it possible ?

I have a folder /data, with subfolder download and tvshow (where i have all the show correctly named)


Thank you for your help.

NB: with radarr i use the fonctionnality “dronefactory” , who scan a folder to detect if something new exists in the folder, and then rename and move to the right place.

Why not?
You need to get the files somewhere Sonarr can access then, the best way is sshfs, that way Sonarr sees the files and transfers them as they download, alternatively you could sync the files with another tool and use a remote path mapping to tell Sonarr where to import them from (Remote Path Mappings are just a way to tell Sonarr to take the path the download client reports and translate it to a different path where Sonarr can access them).

Thx markus101 for your answer. Can I mount a folder to a Synology nas with a commercial seedbox?

On file station I have access to the seedbox with ftp, sftp, webdav … I’ll search a tutorial for mount a distant folder on my nas. So it’s impossible to reproduce the dronefactory on sonarr v3 ? It will be more simple .

Because I don’t need sonarr download the file, I just need sonarr scan a folder he have access to check if the file are present.

Not sure, it’s just linux under the hood.

You can use the API to tell Sonarr to process a folder in the same way, but nothing built-in. You have to get the files from the seedbox in some way and as long as the folder structure matches the seedbox then there is no reason why you need drone factory.

That only happens if the file is in the series folder. The files being complete in another folder won’t treat it as complete in Sonarr until it’s imported into the series folder, this is the same in v2.

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