Naming format for just the quality

im currently using the ‘{quality title}’ tag in my naming formats but dont want the hdtv, bluray, webrip, etc, “subtype” included any more but there doesnt appear to be an option for that, unless i’ve missed it.

would it be possible to add another tag, say {quality short}, so that we can have the option of just the quality itself, without the “subtype” name?

i no longer care about the “subtype” of the quality, and i really dont want them in my filenames as they dont add any relevance (for me anyway).

edit: i know about the quality definitions but it appears you cannot have the same title set in there for more than one quality (they must all be unique) - although it shows no errors, it just doesnt save, when you do - so i cant use that to get around it.

You don’t want quality - you want resolution which is already available and a property of the file and there’s no reason to include it in naming when it’s already a file property

Quality is source + resolution

But that also doesn’t make sense and quality and group are irreplaceable metadata and if you ever need to reimport for any reason then the files will be treated as the worst quality for the given resolution

This already exists you just didn’t look at the available mediainfo naming options

you may not not need it but thats not a reason for me to not need it.

i would like it in the filename, so thats reason enough for me.

as already stated, i dont care about “quality” per se, just resolution.

any re-import issues would be mine to deal with, but as im not overly fussed about source then its not really an issue (for me).

quality was also the only tag, according to the help and wiki, that had any references to the resolution, so i presumed (apparently incorrectly) that the resolution would/should be part of the quality tag

theres nothing in the help or wiki about it, i did look there first, and the obvious {MediaInfo Resolution} doesnt generate anything so if you would be so kind as to provide the actual tag to use, that would be appreciated.

Huh guess we don’t actually have one for resolution then

You’re shit out of log until that’s added

well yes, that being the point of a feature request :slight_smile:

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