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I have recently installed sonarr , qbittorret and jellyfin to make my media server.
I have not sure if this is an issue or if I am not doing something correctly.

If the show has multiple seasons when I download the files, there are separate folders for each season and when I try to view it in jellyfin, I get a separate show list with the same name and need to click on each show list to view separate season episodes.

What I have:
└── movie
└── tv
  └── season 1
  └── season 2

What I want:
└── movie
└── tv
 └── showname
  └── season 1
  └── season 2

Do i need to move the downloaded season manually, or is there a way to automate it?

FYI: new to sonarr and jellyfin

Take a read through the wiki and Trash Guides

Should answer your questions and help you fix your setup. As you have explained so far, it seems like you do not have things setup optimally. Your download client should be downloading to a temporary location and then Sonarr will handle the moving and renaming. Sonarr will (and should) use Series and then Season subfolders when setup correctly.

so my file structure is:
└── data
 └── media
  |   └── movie
  |   └── tv

 └── torrents
     └── movie
     └── tv

Qbittorrent has its save path to /data/torrents/
and i have set categories for movie and tv in qbittorrent
I followed this guide from IBRACORP for hardlinks.

As u mentioned that download client should be downloaded to a temp location, do i create this or /data/torrents should be fine?

I am using docker container for sonarr, qbittorent and jellfin.

Actually, that all looks good. Torrents should be considered temporary though. Media should be the final destination, for both Sonarr and Jellyfin.

Thanks, @fanboy, I was able to get the thing fixed, cheers !!

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