Multiple repeat downloads


Very likely, better to have Sonarr run a custom script after import or remove completed downloads.


You might also run those releases against your regexes at regex101 and make sure they are not hitting on something you don’t want it to hit on. (make sure you have the /g flag on there so you can run against all of the releases). But I agree, if you have transmission removing them from its history (rather than having Sonarr do it), then Sonarr probably hasn’t seen it. It only asks every minute.


Good news/Bad news

Good news is that transmission upgrades seem to all be processed since I removed the script running in transmission that removes the completed torrent from transmission.

Bad news is that since doing that, my transmission is sitting with a list of completed downloads that are fully seeded and my downloads directory is still filling up with files.

Completed download handling is enabled as is the remove setting. Each tracker has a seed ratio set as well as seed times.

I can only assume that the completed download handling for transmission is not working properly, and because the torrents are still loaded in transmission Sonarr is only able to copy the completed file instead of moving the completed file.


Sonarr will only remove items that have met the seeding ratio goals, I believe the issue with seeding time is it’s not exposed on the API, but I’m not 100% sure off hand.

There is an issue open to address this at some point.

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