Multiple Installations

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10

I’m currently running Sonarr as a service under Windows with an automatic delayed start. The root folder is located on a remote NAS. None of that is an issue, and it is actually working better than I expected when I moved Sonarr to Windows.

What I would like to do is to run Sonarr on two different Windows PC’s with the same root folders etc. I believe the files necessary for this are the same as those when restoring a backup, ie, those contained in the Program Data/nzbdrone folder. I would also included the MediaCover folder for the artwork. I can sync these files via the NAS easily enough.

Under normal circumstances only one PC will be running at a time which is why I wanted to do this so that Sonarr was running no matter which one I happened to be using. Of course, what I’ve said already may just not work, but the danger as I see it currently is that the service is likely to start before the sync can occur. I would expect the files to sync withing a couple of minutes of starting a PC, but by then the service would probably be running. I presume that this could cause issues? Are there any suggestions on how I can achieve what I want, or if it’s even possible?

You’re better off with a low powered solution and Sonarr running in one place.

If Sonarr is already running you can’t simply replace the DB, you’d need to come up with some way to sync the files before Sonarr starts, probably best to not use a Windows service in that case and have your own way of starting it, but really you’re on your own with how to keep them in sync.

Thanks for the reply.

Ideally, I’d run Sonarr directly on the NAS again, but there were memory issues. Whether running it on Windows is a temporary, or permanent move I’m not quite sure about yet.

The syncing part is actually quite easy, and would happen very quickly after start up; just not quick enough I don’t think if Sonarr is running as a service. Yes, the best I can think of at the moment would be to move to a scheduled start up with a delay of five minutes, or perhaps even ten minutes to be sure.

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