Moving from Mac to PC - not a valid windows path

Sonarr version (Version

Using Windows 11 Pro

I downloaded Sonarr on the new PC and made the mistake of doing a backup and trying to install the backup on the windows machine. I now get:

value [/volumes/8TB WhiteX/TV/Clarice/] is not a valid Windows path. paths must be a full path eg. C:\Windows Parameter name: path

I’ve tried to uninstall and start again but no matter what I do it doesn’t get past the error above. Is there a way to start from scratch please?



You cannot move from windows to non-windows without starting from scratch with a new database or by manually editing every single path in the database

Uninstalling/reinstalling has nothing to do with your database not being compatible with your OS nor does that even make sense to conclude?

Sorry I don’t think I was very clear with my first post. I’ll try again and hopefully it makes sense - or you did know what I’m talking about and I can’t fix it!

I had Sonarr on a Mini Mac, I did a backup of everything and saved it. I’ve just had a new Windows PC and I thought (stupidly) to install the backup on the new windows PC.

That’s when it came up with the error above. I’ve tried uninstalling sonarr on the PC and tried a fresh install but it just remembers my last attempt and when sonarr launches it goes to the error message. Just trying to figure out how to do a fresh install on the PC without any back ups. Whatever I do I can’t get past that error stage.


Again, uninstalling and reinstalling will not fix your issue.

Delete sonarr’s database in the appdata folder (see the wiki) and start fresh.