Moving files to final destination breaks mono with kernel errors


Sonarr version (exact version): .0.0.5250
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu 17.10
Debug logs: N/A
Description of issue: I’ve recently moved Plex to a new box, and have setup CIFS network shares using samba v3 from the new box to expose the final destination library back to the old server so Sonarr can do it’s thing uninterrupted. Things seem to operate fine if it’s downloading and moving one file at a time. However if I add an old season, I’ll end up with 3 episodes ready to copy over by the time the finished download check runs. What happens in this case is the first file will finish copying over the network drive but will stay as the temp filename used to copy files over, ie the final rename doesn’t happen. Eventually, a kernel error gets thrown and all further file copies fail. Restarting sonarr with systemctl freezes and I end up having to restart the server to resolve the issue. I’m not sure if this is related to samba, the cifs shares setup, or sonarr’s end. I know if I do a scp to file transfer over a ton of files, there are no issues, but with the network mapped drive, things just dont play well.


We’ve seen numerous issues with CIFS/SMB shares and mono, cutoff files being the most common. I don’t recall seeing this particular issue, but if possible we recommend using NFS shares instead.


Yea, cutoff files is a symptom of this I’ve seen as well. Mainly only happens when multiple files are being downloaded in succession especially with a gigabit internet connection.

I’ve noticed even if I’m just doing one file at a time, Sonarr seems to freeze while file copying is happening, so wondering if this is an issue with mono interacting with the kernal doing the move not being async.

I noticed some errors today related to setting permissions not succeeding, so going to disable that and see if things help, but I suspect this is more so related to the fact the mono -> kernel interface is frozen rather than an issue with permission setting itself.

So you’re suggesting if I setup a windows file server and share out as ntfs this wont be an issue?


Can’t guarantee there won’t be a problem, but things seem to be much better with NFS over CIFS, though I don’t know why.


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