Moved from v2 to v3 and imported but episode quality is wrong. Way to change all episodes to correct quality?

Hi all. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did try to look. First let me say I am aware the issue is my own fault and nothing to do with Sonarr setup but I am hoping there is a way to change the video quality of thousands of existing episodes.

I moved from v2 to v3. I did a clean install and then imported my shows. Everything is WEBDL-1080p. After import I setup Sonarr as I wanted. Specifically I set the profile cutoff to WEBDL-1080p.

My problem is that, because I removed quality information when renaming previously, everything was imported as HDTV-1080. So now entire season packs are being downloaded to “upgrade” my HDTV-1080p

If they’re is nothing in the GUI that can do this can i get some SQL commands to do it?


You might want to look at doing it outside of sonarr using one of the many popular bulk file renaming tools and look at adding/inserting the appropriate quality text into the filename.

Thanks. I thought about that but the files are replicated to other locations and I would be afraid it would trigger a massive sync if I did that. I’d prefer to just update the Sonarr db if possible

Hmm. You can likely try manually updating the sonarr db but I imagine it will get updated and overwritten the next time a refresh series task is run and sonarr rescans everything. Renaming the files is probably the only permanent solution.

You could try testing with a single series to see what happens.

Filename doesn’t really matter much to sonarr once it’s in the database and linked to an episode. You can change the quality in sonarr to be whatever you like, and still have the file named abc.mp4 on disk to give an extreme example. As far as I know.

So options are:

  • either first use a tool to mass rename your files to include the quality and then import them in sonarr
  • or import them as is, so files are linked to episodes, shut down sonarr, do some database editing to change the episode qualities, start sonarr again

The second option can royally fuck up the database, so be sure to take a backup.

Whichever option you choose it’s a good idea (already suggested) to pick a naming scheme in sonarr that includes the quality, and have it rename the actual files.

You can also use Manage Episodes from each series page to update the quality of each file.

Definitely recommended to store that information in the file name if you’re ever going to need to start fresh.