Move Series when finished/ended


One thing i would like is the option to auto move a series to another root folder if the series is marked as ended.

I have lots of series added to my list, so the option to move if the series has ended would make things a lot cleaner in my media server.


We don’t have plans for this, at least at this time.

you really dont want this. over the years multiple shows have been set to ended, either deliberately or accidentally, and then the show comes back (accident undone, or it gets re-signed at the last minute).

trust me, its a giant pain in the you know where to deal with when you have no control over it.

i have my series set with two root folders, tv\current and tv\ended, i just manually reassign them in sonarr if they are tagged as ended and have no new episodes for a year.

for my media server i setup two libraries for tv, tv current and tv ended, and then assign the correct folder to each, that way i can just browse through current stuff (or stuff i want to keep “active”) without seeing all of it.

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