More options in the profiles


I would love to see extra options added in the profiles that allows me to choose whether I want HEVC and or H265 content or H264 content. Most torrent downloads specify if the video is x264 (h264) or h265 / hevc in the file title which is search able. Having these options would allow us folks to prefer hevc over h264 to setup their programs to only download hevc video while the videos which aren’t offered in hevc are setup to download h264 x264. Since there is no way specify which category belongs to which tv show (category as in the categories that we list in the indexers under the torrent site).

After going back and looking at my Profile options. When you hit Add under Settings -> Profiles, The Qualities should include HEVC and or H265 and H264 and or x264 for WEB-DL, HDTV, and Bluray.




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