Monitor Series - Download Next X Episodes


Apologies if this has been asked before or if it’s currently possible!

It would be great if we could monitor the next 5 episodes of a series. I have several large series that I’m part way through and delete an episode once watched. This sets it to unmonitored in Sonarr. Could/can Sonarr detect that there’s now only 4 episodes on disk and download the next available one?

I guess a better way to say it is could we monitor future episodes but limit the number?

Thank you!

You could do this with a custom script connection in Sonarr to call the API.
Depending on how adventurous you are you can start here and build your own script which, I guess, should fire for the On Delete event :slight_smile:

Sort of the other way around: *
When an episode is imported, the script will check how many episodes to keep and if required delete old episodes and optionally unmonitor them.
This would mean you have to go to sonarr to do an automatic/manual search for the next episode.


  • I take no responsibility for data loss or other shenanigans
  • I haven’t looked at it or used it in a while, but it worked for me when I wrote the code, and as far as I know the API hasn’t changed
  • Only tested in v3, probably works for v2
  • Not my proudest code
  • Anything else? :smile:

Thank you for the reply!

If there’s not better solution I’ll apply my mediocre scripting skills and see how badly I can break it!


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