Modification of Release Profile


When I create a “profile” and I configure it to use the “Preferred” with for example VOSTFR, MULTI, X264, X265, I find the terms x265 and x264 in duplicate during the renaming because I use the ‘’ Preferred Words’ and the ‘MediaInfo’.
Would it be possible to create a checkbox to tell which Preferred to use for renaming with Preferred Words instead of selecting them all by default.
Another thing for the ‘uncensord’ in French it says NC abbreviated but on some release in their name there is the continuation of letter NC but not in a separate way, for example ‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’, so it adds NC in the renaming of the episodes while it should not.


Use multiple release profiles to achieve that.

Use regex instead of plain text /\bNC\b/i for example.


thank’s for your answer

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