MKV files not importing properly?


Sonarr version (exact version) :
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows) :
OS : win 7
Debug logs:

Description of issue: V3 is damn near stable enough for release guys!
I keep having some episodes that download to 100% complete, and they stay that way listed on my torrent client, they are moved by qbittorrent to the completed directory. The files are copied to plex’s directory, but I assume as a link/copy. I end up either manually importing them again after deleting them from the torrent client or deleting them from the torrent client. It may be ONLY with ,MKV files it seems… I recall seeing a thread on reddit about this, but with Linux… I think there is a common thread here.

Any thoughts?


It looks like the file is imported then fails when trying to set the date on the file, this behaviour is no different than v2 (assuming the settings are the same). The fact that it can’t find the file means either it’s not there, even though it was just hardlinked or copied there or the share says it’s not there because it’s slow to respond.

We’ve seen possible cause 2 happen before on slow NASes.


The strange thing is this never happened on sonar v2 on my same setup. I am running this on a custom-built high end i7 32GB 50TB running a windows 7 VM with 4 cores a 8GB ram and no NAS.

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