Missing series episodes


Sonarr version running on Windows 10

Episodes that appear in 3 indexers aren’t being ‘found’ and yet they are in all 3. I know the log file is supposed to be uploaded separately but I thought that as there were only 3 lines…

19-3-12 14:23:06.7|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 3 indexers for [Clash of the Collectables : S01]
19-3-12 14:23:11.1|Info|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing 113 releases
19-3-12 14:23:11.9|Info|SeasonSearchService|Season search completed. 0 reports downloaded.

Obviously I get around this by downloading the NZBs direct from the indexers (OZNzb, NZBGeek, Drunken Slug) but would like to know why this is.


Debug logs will have more than 3 lines, which will show exactly what Sonarr requested from your indexers, it could be the wrong series type, Sonarr doesn’t have the correct list of categories added, naming, all sorts of things.

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