Minor missing features in V3


There are a few small QoL features that were in V2 that seems to be missing or not working in V3.

In V2 when you imported a show, there’d be a pop up that you could click to take you right into the imported show. In V3, you have to go into the list and find it.

And in V2 you could click on a single episode’s status and change the quality of the single episode. in V3, you must manage the whole season in order to manage any episode.

Are these features coming back?


also, series > add new

could we get it to jump into the search field for that page when you click on add new so we can start typing instead of having to click in there first?

currently the input goes to the search field at the top of the page unless you click in the add series search field


Just click the search result, it does the same thing, without the popup that blocks other things.

No plans to bring this back, it was a largely hidden feature.

Pro tip you can add a series from that search input, but I’ll look at focusing it.


And another: in V2 on the Activity > Queue page, you could sort by status, but I can’t figure out a way to do that in V3.


nice, thanks

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