Minimum age of NZB same as delay Profile

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):

Feature Request:
“Minimum age in minutes of NZBs before they are grabbed” should also work same as the delay profiles.
For a lot of Series I use a 720P profile and very often 1080P will be released some minutes before the 720P version.
If an episode never was downloaded before, the Delay Profile will handle this correctly and 1080P version will not be downloaded, when it will find a 720P Version in the specified amount of time.
But if there will be a new blueray version instead of an allready downloaded HDTV as example, it will still download the 1080P version first, even if the 720P version will be find before the 1080P will be added to the download manager because of the “Minimum age in minutes of NZBs before they are grabbed” settings.

An alternative solution would be, that an option for the delay profile would be added, which will allow to allways wait a specified amount of time before it grabs a release.

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