Migrating from Windows 10 to rpi docker

So the pi4 came out, and now I can finally put everything thats running as a utility in the house onto one box and have enough IO throughput to do it.

The docs on github say that you “can’t” import a configuration from one OS to another because the paths won’t be the same.

So what do I do? I have hundreds of shows. And a lot of configuration. But the shows are the big one.

Thanks for suggestions

I don’t have v3 but couldn’t you just install v3 start it. Then stop it, replace the config folder with one of the old machine and then in sonarr do a mass edit and change all the paths?

Correct you can’t, unless you manually edit the paths in the SQLite DB manually, it’s not something we support.

As long as your files are well named you can use the series import and copy your settings and enter them in the new one.

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