Migrating From Synology NAS To another Synology NAS

I have a old synology DS 412+ and just got a DS 1019+. And was wondering if people have had success with migrating from one NAS to another NAS? Found the wiki article about how to but sounds like many have has issues. Was wondering what the best way to move from one NAS to another NAS for someone that is not so experienced?

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: DSM 6.2.1-23824
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

presuming you mean just moving sonarr

  • make a database backup inside the current sonarr
  • shut down sonarr
  • install sonarr on the new NAS
  • start sonarr on the new NAS
  • move all the series files across (i presume youre doing this?)
  • restore from the sonarr database backup

otherwise if you mean the full NAS then its

  • put a temp drive in the new NAS
  • install the same version of DSM that you have on the old NAS onto the new NAS (upgrade DSM on the old NAS first if you have to)
  • power down both NASs cleanly
  • pull out the temp drive
  • pull out the old NAS drives and insert them into the new NAS (bay positioning is not important)
  • power up the new NAS
  • login to DSM
  • start package manager
  • repair all broken packages (and start them)

just remember to never pull out a drive while the NAS is powered on and you’ll be ok

both have 64bit CPUs (Intel Atom D2700 vs Intel Celeron J3455) so you wont have to worry about that side

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Yeah I already have my media on my 1019+. And installed Sonarr/ Radarr/SABnzbd (did a clean install with the new nas). Just was not 100% how to restore all my settings from the old machine onto the new one

I did find this. but my understanding of Linux and Root SSH access is very little

Restore for Synology NAS

CAUTION: Restoring on a Synology requires knowledge of Linux and Root SSH access to the Synology Device.

Re-install Sonarr

Run Sonarr once to get the AppData directory location

Stop Sonarr

Connect to the Synology NAS through SSH and log in as root

Execute the following commands:

rm -r /usr/local/nzbdrone/var/.config/NzbDrone/nzbdrone.db*
cp -f /tmp/nzbdrone_backup/* /usr/local/nzbdrone/var/.config/NzbDrone/
Update permissions on the files:

cd /usr/local/nzbdrone/var/.config/NzbDrone/
chown -R nzbdrone:users *
chmod -R 0644 *
On some installations, the user is different: chown -R sc-nzbdrone:nzbdrone *

Start Sonarr

presuming you have enabled SSH then thats not going to work as you have to login as admin now, same password as root though.

you can do a sudo -i once logged in if you need actual root user access

im presuming you still have the old nas up so it might be simpler to do this if you dont want to muck around with SSH

  • on the old nas start file station
  • copy the latest backup zip from that AppData location to its /data volume
  • you should be able to see it from your own workstation now so copy it to there
  • copy it from your workstation to the /data volume on the new nas
  • see if sonarr restore can see it in that location otherwise use file station (on the new nas) to move it under the backup folder under that AppData location so it can see it.

once its restored you should be back to normal

long term you may want to look at using docker containers for sonarr, radarr, and sab, as it makes it incredibly easy to upgrade, move around, and get at any of their files, if you have a need to, and as they are isolated from DSM you can upgrade it and/or them without any impact on each other.

thanks. still having a hard time. can’t locate the ?data volume? Its not showing in File station. I would love to use Docker but been trying to read about it and I think its a bit harder for me to do. Any sugetstions on a place that can show me how its done? not much on youtube using Docker/ Synology

what was the path you were looking for? file station wont show the underlying /volumeX, just the shared folders so if your path is not under a shared folder you may need to use SSH to connect and then copy it to a location that is.


for docker i dont use the GUI in DSM i manually run it but you dont have to, you can just create it in DSM and it will work. i just followed the sort of instructions on the dockerhub sonarr page (https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/sonarr/) after mashing what fits from that into the docker GUI for DSM (most of it goes into the advanced options)

if you do go down the docker route also remember that its probably easier to containerise your download client as well. if you dont then you have to be careful of the path it uses to store the completed downloads, it must be something you can map into the sonarr container or youll need to setup a remote path mapping in sonarr to turn it into something that can be mapped

i havent seen a video or a web site that lays that out step by step, especially for DSM, just lots of others about different applications but you can pick up stuff from those as most of it is pretty generic

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