Migrating from PC to Mac

Hi all, I’m migrating my media server from PC to Mac and Sonarr is giving me trouble.
Radarr migrated perfectly, letting me restore the backup and then just reselect the folders where my media is stored.

Sonarr, on the other hand, won’t even show me the web interface when I navigate to its URL. I restored the backup just like Radarr but Sonarr appears to geek when it can’t find the same folder locations and it just shows an error about the folder location being wrong and won’t let me make any changes.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’d be happy to edit config files manually but I don’t know where they are or which ones to edit on a Mac. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

It’s not possible to move from windows to any other OS or vice versa without starting from scratch or manually editing every path in the database.

Yikes that’s bummer, especially considering radarr handled the switch flawlessly without any of these issues.

How can I edit the database?