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I have been using Sonarr for a little over a year now, I just realized that I didn’t have it set to monitor for Stranger Things a new seaons of which came out today.

So I went to Add Series page, searched and successfully found stranger things, but when I added the series, the directory & series name became “NO HAGÁIS SPOILERS SIN AVISAR HIJOSDEPUTA” my Spanish isn’t good but I think it says No spoilers sons of bitches, and while I agree with the sentiment I don’t want that to be the series name in Sonarr.

If I go and search for Stranger Things on the Add Series page again it says the series already exists, but if I click the link on already exists button, it links to the proper series name but now with a 404 error. I can just go rename my stuff and add the series manually but I just wanted to let someone know that there might be someone messing with metadata or with the source where Sonarr gets it’s data from.

Refresh the series, someone mutilated TheTVDB and Sonarr pulled that name down. If the folder name is wrong then rename it manually and update the path in Sonarr.

I tried refreshing myself and it still is incorrect. Tried deleting it and even when searching a new series it will only find “Las tetas de mi abuela la stripper”

My Stranger Things has also been renamed to “Las tetas de mi abuela la stripper” and while the google translate is hilarious i would like to know how to fix it.

@markus101 the Refresh for the series doesn’t work, I have the same problem:

I enter the web site and then did a refresh of the series and it change to the correct name… :grinning::+1:

It auto resolved for me

same thing here , wth.

If people keep screwing with the title you’re going to have issues, it can take about 2 hours from when it is updated for Sonarr to be able to see the updates due to all the caching.

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