Mass Importing doesn't find French only show

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OS: Windows 10 1809
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When trying to Mass Import French TV Shows, some shows can only be found with the English name even though French is selected as the language. For example, Capitaine Flam couldn’t be found until i typed in Captain Future.

Chapi Chapo will not Mass Import at all and i suspect that it is because that show ONLY has French language on TheTVDB.

May i ask why Sonarr doesn’t just use the current tvshow.nfo if it exists in the folder?

Continuing to migrate my French shows from SickChill to Sonarr v3 and definitely Mass Import only searches in English.

Here are a few French Series that needed the English name in order to be found. I had to do a lot of googling since most of these are shows from my childhood and i only knew them in French.

Albator '84 >>> Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX
Au Service De La France >>> A Very Secret Service
Avez-Vous DĂ©jĂ  Vu >>> [French Only. Cannot be Imported]
Baron Noir >>> Republican Gangsters
Boule et Bill (1975) >>> [French Only. Cannot be Imported]
Ces gars-lĂ  >>> These Guys

Anyway you get the point and have examples now…

Also, it would be nice to be able to click on the show to see if we have actually selected the right one. Or at the very least show the TVDBID

For the show Dix pour cent, i need to input Call My Agent! but there are 2. I don’t know which is which unless i import it and then see it’s the wrong one.

I just realized something…Before i continue trying to map the shows properly, is the metadata going to be in French or is it still going to download the metadata in English but will be able to search for the french episodes? If it downloads the metadata in English it will mess up everything so i will have to continue using SickChill for my French shows

Sonarr only supports English metadata, this is covered in the FAQ.

If the series needs to be searched for in French then an alias would need to be added, also covered in the FAQ.

Ah ok… We had discussed this a couple years back so i just assumed that v3 would have the other languages metadata… Is this a feature you are considering or it’s a definite no?

We have plans to do it, but no short term plans for it and no ETA.

Ok cool… While i got your attention, when adding a single new show, all the results’ posters are blank. Once you add the show you can see the poster. Also it would be great if you could just click somewhere in the results to go to the TVDB page… That’s how it was in v2 so it would be nice to have that in v3 too.

Anyway, keep up the good work man… you’re a beast (in the best way of course)!

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That might be due to TVDB’s site, though we should have a link to the series like we did in the v2 app, shouldn’t be an issue to get it added.

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