Manually showing episodes as downloaded

Hi, I’m new to Sonarr. I used to use SickBeard to manually keep track of episodes I downloaded.

Can Sonarr be used in the same way?


When you add the show, you point it to a location that contains the episodes. If there are already files there then on the top of the show there is a Refresh & Scan button… Click that and it will mark all the episodes it finds as downloaded…

That is, if i am understanding you properly. If you want to just randomly mark episodes as downloaded, that i dont believe is an option (not one that i have seen nor would expect to see based on the purpose of the software) as it uses the file on the file system to determine if it is downloaded.

if they delete the files after watching then they can just manually unmonitor the episode, they can also setup sonarr to unmonitor episodes if the file is deleted / no longer there for whatever reason

I will try that. Thanks

I get that but the question was how to manually mark an episode as downloaded, not how to handle a deleted one or not monitor one. Making it as unmonitored wouldn’t give the desired result of seeing it as downloaded

well no, but its good enough for normal use.

the only other option is to go find, or create, a small video file, copy/paste/rename that as needed, import them, delete them.

that will give you an import event in the episode history but its not really worth all that effort when you can just unmonitor it instead.

This is what i based my answer on… Not real sure what the purpose of the back and forth with me is lol? I did not make any assumptions on what they where trying to achieve or why, simply answered the question for what it was.

You’re welcome to guess what they are trying to do or simply ask them & keep on posting, Suppose im just confused to the point of quoting/“correcting” my responses as they are based only on the actual OP and not guesses.

Anyhow, there should be enough information available now for a few scenarios lol

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