Manual season mapping changes (skipping XEM)


I would love to have a manual season/episode mapping option on Sonarr. As much as I think the community needs XEM I have been waiting for at least a year to try and get an account for XEM and reading previous issues with XEM it seems they can take a long time to map the corrections for shows that are not world wide or popular.

Anyway, for my issue I see the solution as a simple option in a series to manually map the season numbers up or down. The TVDB has current “The Gadget Show” season as 29, this is due to “The Gadget Show World Tour” being counted as a different show with 2 season in 2012/13.

The Gadget Show releases are currently at season 31 and have been out of alignment since 2012/2013. Hence the solution of telling Sonar to search and download season 31 and match it to season 29, all the way back to season 16.


Have you talked to them on IRC, that is the best way to ask about an account and get them to look at corrections.

We do not have plans for local customizations.


Seems a little short sighted, XEM doesn’t seem to have great accessibility, I had to search around for a while to figure out what was wrong and then search around how to fix it with Sonarr. It wasn’t easy and took a reasonable amount of time.

Perhaps a system to log issues with seasons/episodes in Sonarr so they can be passed onto XEM.


It is not possible to create an account, and the IRC server has been down for a few months.

Could you please enable the Scene Numbering toggles, and also add a scene numbering toggle to the series editor dialog?


The IRC server is up right now. You just need to register with Nickserv on the IRC server, registration on the site is not mandatory for connecting to the IRC server.


I can’t connect to the site in Chrome or Firefox


I figured it out, the subdomain changed from irc to webchat. I just can’t figure out how to register and join #xem



I have followed that kb, and registered. xem keeps reporting I’m not registered though.


Schmitty I admire your determination.


What was the sequence of commands that you tried?


reg only was for #xem was enabled like a year ago when freenode was under heavy spam attack but they forgot to remove it. The #xem mods now removed the restriction and you should be able to join the channel now without having to be authed to nickserv.


Thanks. This is a very big gripe I have with the mapping system. I can not download the latest episodes of American Dad automatically, because of the poor mapping XEM employs… and the Sonarr team’s reluctance to allow users to manually override it.


I will give it another try, thanks.


seems thexem mapped The Gadget Show correctly to S31 for about 3 days. Now it is back S29, but scene releases are still for S31.

Thank you to whoever tried to fix the mapping, it wasn’t me so must have been someone on here.