Manual Import - "Unable to parse" on last folder in directory

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OS: Gentoo
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I have several episodes in my downloads folder that, for some reason that I do not know, were not imported automatically by sonarr. This seems to be an intermittent issue. When I go to Wanted > Manual Import > Select download folder > Move Automatically, sonarr does not import the episodes. Upon inspection of the debug log file, it seems as though sonarr is not parsing the last “folder” of the directory, in this case “complete”. The only way for me to import these episodes is if I do the interactive import, which does work, but also only works up to a selection of maybe 15-20 episodes, after which it again does not import, although that may be for a different reason. Any help is appreciated.

Need trace logs

But if it can’t parse the shows then you can not do an automatic move; you must do an interactive manual import

I pulled trace logs for the time frame of when I tried auto import but they dont give any additional info.

it seems that sonarr is thinking that the last folder in the path “complete” is a series name, but really the “complete” folder just contains a bunch of folders each with an episode

You cutoff the lines going into the folder processing

We should be seeing a few hundred lines as the wiki notes not 24