Manual import of existing releases


I’m fairly new to this, so please just point me to the right setting if I missed something.

Since I download files with jdownloader, I am probably going to have to use the manual import quite often.

What I noticed is that while existing files with the same file size are being marked as “Import Rejected - Has the same filesize as existing file”, this does not happen with existing releases that are not the same file (other release group, different source or just different size (when uploaders add a few bytes to the end to defeat hashes) etc.).

Instead the existing file is deleted and the newer one is imported as an “update”.

Is it possible to mark these in the manual import section too, so I can decide if I want to update the existing release? Perhaps with an orange (!) icon / tooltip?


Mark what? Files that are different, but the same quality?

Sonarr will either reject (and you get the warning) or accept, if it’s accepted there is no additional information. We don’t have plans to show a warning for accepted releases that have certain characteristics.


Yes, it’d be nice to see when a manual import would result in an existing file being replaced. This can be the same episode from a different release group or even the same release, but with a different filesize.

Sometimes distributors re-upload a file that is slightly changed (by adding a few zero bytes at the end for example) to avoid detection methods that check file sizes or create hashes for files.

I actually expected both files to be imported - so I’d have two files for the same episode. It took me a moment to realize that the old file was moved to trash and the new file added instead (same episode, same quality, but different release groups).

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