Manage genres within Sonarr

I use “Local information only” for the TV Shows source in Kodi to manage the library. This allows me to add custom genres to the TV show’s NFO file. Currently, I have to manually edit the NFO file adding the genres I want and deleting those I don’t want.

It would be nice if Sonarr had a field where genres pulled-in from TVDB could be altered before writing to the NFO. Editing a TV show could read the genres from the existing NFO and write-back any changes. I envision this working much like “tags” which get written to the NFO and Kodi includes in it’s library. I’m not sold on using tags in Kodi, yet.

If there is another way or an easier way I am open to any ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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We do not have plans for altering metadata from within Sonarr.

Ok, so if anyone else has the same question here is an update. I made all my custom genres tags and edited all my playlists to use tags instead of genres. This has worked-out really well and is what I would recommend going forward.

Thanks to all people involved with making this community a great resource!


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