Mac Sonarr v3 folders not being seen

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: 10.15
Debug logs: 19-6-14 07:04:40.1|Error|DownloadedEpisodesImportService|Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /Users/jonbauer/Downloads/complete/TV show/. Ensure the path exists and the user running Sonarr has the correct permissions to access this file/folder

Description of issue:

Hi All,

I need some help, por favor!

I can’t get Sonarr to see the data on my /Volumes/Plex/TV folder. Sonarr sees /Volumes/Plex, but then nothing else - no Movies, Random Media, nor TV folder below that. I know that this sounds like a permissions issue, but I can’t seem to fix it. I can see that folder perfectly in Finder, and here is that folder in Terminal…

ls -l
total 128
drwx------ 1 jonbauer staff 16384 Sep 21 2018 #recycle
drwx------ 1 jonbauer staff 16384 Jun 6 20:45 Movies
drwx------ 1 jonbauer staff 16384 Jun 9 11:10 Random Media
drwx------@ 1 jonbauer staff 16384 Jun 13 23:16 TV

I see, in activity monitor, that Sonarr is running from the same account (jonbauer) that those permissions are set too…

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve been trying to fix this for 2 weeks now.

  • Thanx!
  • Jon

Ok, it’s definitely a permissions issue. Brian on Discord helped me to run Sonarr as root from Terminal.

I can’t figure out how to fix the permissions issue. I’ve set the permissions a hundred times on my Synology and it looks right…

Instead, can anyone help me to figure out how I can run Sonarr as root when I run it as an app on my Mac?

  • Thanx
  • Jon

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