Looking for a custom solution to specify which torrent client to use

I have 2 torrent clients but I only use Sonarr v3 with one. I am trying to figure out how to implement the other. Basically, I want private tracker torrents to go to one client and public ones to go to another. I looked at the client prioritization and I see it does round robin if the priorities are the same but I don’t understand what it does if one is greater than the other so I’m not sure if I can use that. I was thinking of using a custom script as it can tell me what tracker it is and use that but I’m not sure how I would specify the client. I understand this might be directly supported in the future but is there some way I can achieve this with a custom script or some other means? I’m just not sure if all the needed information is there for a custom solution.

Not possible until https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/issues/1215 is implemented.

Follow up question: does Sonarr send to the torrent client after the on grab custom script? I was thinking maybe a custom script could check the tracker on grab and then change the torrent client prioritization. IIRC, it doesn’t but I wanted to make sure and I couldn’t find it in the wiki.

No, it sends before.

That’s what I thought, thanks. Keep up the excellent work.