Local User or System?

I’m running Sonarr V3 with Windows 10. I’m signed in using a Microsoft account, not as a Local User. Just wanted to know in black and white, what mode should I be running Sonarr in? I get the impression Sonarr should run as Local User, if so, how do I change from the way it is running now as Local System?
Once that is done, do I get a Tray Icon such as I do with Jellyfin?

When you installed Sonarr you had 3 options for startup, Windows Service (which should never run as System), shortcut in Startup folder (runs as the logged in user, shows a tray icon) or none (you’d have to manually start Sonarr).

Depends if it needs network share access or if you want a tray icon. Uninstalling then re-installing is your easiest way to change how it’s starting. Take a backup if you want to first, but the app data shouldn’t change.

If you’re running Sonarr as a Windows Service, no, if you chose to run via the start up folder or run it manually, yes.

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