Library Import stop to work (no longer updates the list and the "start processing" key does not work)

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows Server 2019 x64 DataCenter (1809)
Debug logs: (trace)
Description of issue:

After importing a 15-20 series (manually added to the root folder), I deleted a series which I realized was poorly associated (okaasan online) on sonarr (the series is still present and viewed right on plex).
A few days later I added other new series and restarted the “Library Import” … too bad it doesn’t update anymore. It tells me that the number of unmapped folders has increased but the list remains blocked at 20 folders (19 not mappable because they are not present on TheTVDB) the 20 is “Trinity Seven” placed as the last folder after “Zoku OwariMonogatari” (very bizarre, since the “T” does not come after the “Z”).

As you can see from the screens, the search for the series on TheTVDB does not even start (and I cannot select the series, as when they are seen “already present” after TheTVDB Auto-Search).
I have already tried to remove and put back the folders of some series.
I also tried the other root folder and it gives me the exact same problem

i checked the debug log and trace … but i didn’t see any errors.
The only doubt is a series that has as its final part in the name of the folder (folder in root folder) this: “?”

Thanks in advance

Extra Logs:


I’ve already restarted sonarr and the server but it didn’t help.
Sonarr runs as a Service (Local system account as “Connection”). I use qBittorent and it automatically sees all the episodes it downloads automatically (for the series that already exist on the sonarr db).

Nothing, I updated sonarr to the latest develop (changed branch from Main to Develop) and now it’s back to working. I don’t know how but the previous installation got damaged.

Again (also on develop). I imported series, I removed 3 because they are wrong. I went back to the importer, it marked 21 folders (of which the usual 19 non-mappable), the blocked list as before with 19 folders (the non-mappable ones)