Language priority issue over prefered words

If I well understood the priority is Quality > Language > Prefered words.

In my case I download in English and ultimately upgrade to English+French (audio + Sub), I use the key word “MULTI” or “VFF VO” with a high weight to pass over same Quality releases in English only.

But VOSTFR key word is tricky, it’s used to tell that the file is with original audio but with French subs. So technically it’s a bit better that full English releases, but not enough compare to “MULTI” release having both language in audio and subs.

Since “VOSTFR” key word is assimilated as “French”, in my config, it won’t allow releases with this key word because there’s no French in my language settings (only English because I don’t want French audio only releases). If I add French in language settings below English with upgrade enable, it won’t see VOSTFR as an upgrade over English which I don’t want. If put English bellow French, it won’t allow multi audio release as upgrade, which I don’t want.

Is there a way to remove the key word “VOSTFR” which lead to “French” language in v3?

if not, is there a way to overide prefered words over language, or simply desactivate language?

any reason you cant just add a french + english language profile, as well as a “must not contain” release profile for VOSTFR to that series?

well I’d like to keep “VOSTFR” release since it’s kinda of an upgrade to full English release, but if I add English and French in the same language I have to priorize one over another… and that’s were this key word is a problem

If I have to summarize (by level of need) :
#1 English releases are my entry point and are catch due to English Language parameter
#2 “VOSTFR” tag in release are better than #1 from a French user perspective since subs are in French, Audio are still in original (so mostly English) but are catch due to French Language parameter.
#3 “MULTI” / “VO VFF” tag in releases are the best options I seek, it host dual audio and sub, but are catch due to English Language parameter. (since these are preferred words and not recognize by French language nor English language)

so basically I can put both French and English in the same language with upgrades enable but sometimes French should be priorized over English (to handle case #1 and #2), sometimes the opposite (to handle case #3)… that’s the problem.

The only method I could think off is to be able to desactivate Language over preferred words (from this point I would use language keyword with weight), or being able to customize each language to add or remove key words that tells Sonarr to consider a release as French or English.

We have no plans to change to ordering of releases, it becomes too complicated to properly detect if a particular file is an upgrade with varying orders.

We have no plans for this.

Really the only viable solution is to change Sonarr’s language detection and remove VOSTFR from being French, which I agree makes sense. Once upon a time it was there to avoid hardcoded subs, but it’s be years since that was a rampant issue and restrictions can be used to block them if people really want to.

Old GHI on this topic, time to just do it I think.

thanks for your feedback, I’ll comment the github issue that way then.

Comment in what way? No need to bump the issue, we’ll do so when we make a change.

sorry already bumped the issue (°__°), but thanks again for your help and this futur change !!

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