Langage problem

Mono Version
AppData directory /home/greg/.config/NzbDrone
Startup directory /opt/NzbDrone

Running with: Ubuntu 18.04.5

I am trying to download a tv series. The series has two seasons and is sourced from Sky Atlantic (UK) My problem is that I cannot seem to find english versions of season 1. I have found, and downloaded, english versions of Season 2. I have never had this problem before. The season 1 files I have the word “multi” in the title which I have always believed to mean that there are multi language tracks built into the file. This was, for instance, true of season 2. However, Season 1 is in French and has only 1 language track. I have tried mulltiple sources for these files but have failed miserably. The name of the show is “Britannia”.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with Sonarr. What I need to know is there some way to do the downloads that I am missing. There is one download site, for instants, that has an american flag for those shows that have english language but the downloads don’t. This is simply mysterious and I need to know if I am doing anything wrong. I have had sonarr download the files, and also downloaded directly and failed.

Anyway - any thoughts wold be appreciated as I am completely clueless on this one.

This is not a Sonarr issue at all, so doesn’t really belong here, and I don’t think solutions should be discussed or shared here either. It’s not the correct forum. Try over on Reddit.

Basically though it’s just a source issue on your end. Not sure if you’re trying torrent or usenet but you need to get access to better indexers or expand where you’re trying to search. I checked a few of mine and also a couple of the larger free ones and was able to find S1 on all, including season packs. All in English.

Good luck