Keeps dl'ing same file

Running latest version Sonarr on Raspberry Pi OS. General question: One tv episode is not downloading. The torrent is started, but never dl’s any data. I’m cancelling the active dl from Sonarr and it’s removing it from bittorrent, but when I restart the episode it just finds the same file name and starts the torrent all over again. I thought that if I blacklisted it when I cancelled the job, that it would try to find an alternate filename, but no. Maybe I’m not understanding “Blacklisting”. Is there a way to force it to find a different filename?

Blacklisting will block that exact torrent (name + indexer and/or torrent hash), if Sonarr doesn’t get the hash during the search then it’ll be name + indexer.

You can do an interactive search and pick another result and make sure your indexer isn’t lying about the number of available seeders + set the minimum seeders appropriately.