Issue trying to access Sonarr (and Ombi) from the Web Gui

Sonarr Version 3
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Not sure
Ubuntu - Docker Container
Debug logs: I have put the config file into “trace” mode but I do not see any additional logs generated, I only see sonarr.txt instead of trace or debug iterations.
Description of issue: I performed an update to my OS earlier today and upon completion I am no longer able to access Sonarr via my web client as it seems to have some network connectivity issue. I am able to access my other docker containers via their URLs such as Radarr (except for Ombi).

The error I receive via the brower is Unable to connect. I am not able to connect on the local machine itself nor other machines on my network.

Then sonarr is not running

Sonarr is running, I can view the regular sonarr.txt logs and it does start up, including the web server component.

Then it would seem the config file you changed did not take hold / was the wrong one / etc.

Why not change to trace in the UI?

I am trying to do it via portainer but I do not see an option to do so. Any other suggestions?

Yes, the sonarr UI… per the troubleshooting wiki that the template links

I feel like I’m pointing out the obvious, but how would you change the log level via the UI, if the problem reported is that the UI can’t be accessed anymore? The only choice is changing it in the config.xml then, no? :slightly_smiling_face:

For the topic starter: why not nuke the container and start over? That’s one of the advantages of docker. The only thing you should really need are sonarr’s config and db files.
Park them somewhere safe, recreate the container, verify sonarr starts and creates the config files, try to access the new empty sonarr.
If all that works, stop it, overwrite the config files with your backup, start again.
If that doesn’t work, I’m leaning towards a misconfiguration of your (docker) network.

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Yea that is why I didn’t respond to the above message, I don’t think they understood the issue. I did edit the config.xml but again I don’t see any changes to the logs. As per your suggestion that is my next step, I was hoping to avoid having to start from scratch and configure Sonarr as it was quite troublesome during my first set up. I don’t believe its a networking issue as it worked previously and I have all the same firewall rules in place (for other containers) which work perfectly fine, the only difference is the port numbers.

I’d really start by moving the config files somewhere else and starting sonarr again. It will create them again with default values. If you don’t see these get created again in the location you expect, there’s something wrong with your docker config.