Is This Right? Sonarr and Deluge Issue

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker/Ubuntu
Debug logs:
Description of issue: I have a 3 folder structure created:

  1. /mnt/misc/deluge_download_temp - Sonarr has no knowledge of this, this is where Deluge downloads to
  2. /mnt/tv/Deluge_Completed - Deluge moves completed media with the sonarr tag to this directory, sonarr has this mapped in the yml as /downloads and as Remote Paths mapping to give it awareness of how Deluge understands this directory which is /mnt/tv/Deluge_Completed
  3. /mnt/tv/Sonarr/ - this is where Sonarr moves the completed file, Deluge doesn’t have any automation to look in this folder, it in the yml as /tv, and in Remote Paths mapped (in case it needs to be able to talk to Deluge? I am not entirely sure if this is needed?) so it has awareness of how Deluge would see it. Again, Deluge is not touching this on its own, but I have it set up like this so sonarr would be able to correctly tell deluge where the file now lives once the download is complete.

So, the question, is sonarr supposed to do a move of the file in the same manner as deluge does when it does the 1-2 step, when the file is completed downloading and sonarr does the 2-3 step? Or it is only supposed to hardlink to to the new /mnt/tv/Sonarr/ directory?

My desired option would be for it to work as a buddies flexget setup works, flexget physically moves the file, and changes the name and directory within deluge - only 1 file exists, no links, and deluge has the correct naming per my naming conventions set up in sonarr (this is how the flexget implementation works). I am not getting this, I am getting everything up until step 3 working as intended.

My step 3 is: sonarr (seems to be copying or hardlinking) from /mnt/tv/Deluge_Completed to /mnt/tv/Sonarr/ as the file appears to be in both places, and deluge shows the directory as /mnt/tv/Deluge_Completed with the original, non corrected for naming convention name vs the desired outcome of deluge having /mnt/tv/Sonarr/ listed as the directory and use the correct name.

Is this the intended way this is supposed to work is question 1. If there is a way to make it work in the manner I want, how would I go about doing that? I have read reddit posts and posts on here for a while and have not found exactly what I need… I found this
but I am not exactly sure how I would do this, or if this was implemented, or what the case is.

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be great!

This is all covered on the wiki in the FAQ and QuickStart guide / settings around download clients for how sonarr works

Thanks for the reply, but I have read the FAQ page a few times trying to understand why it works the way it does. This setup precludes the ability to permaseed files (unless you enjoy having multiple files, or hard links, and a mismatched name convention between what’s in your “completed media” folder and what is still in deluge).

There is no way to force it to behave differently? The flexget implementation makes management much simpler. It also seems as tho the GitHub page I link specifically talks about this and had a way to implement the desired outcome. I suppose I can reach out to those folks asking for help.


With hardlinks you’re not using any extra space and there’s no reason to not do it that way.

That GitHub you linked seems to indicate one should use poor paths that do not facilitate hardlinks earlier in the thread…that results in IO abusive imports and duplicate space for seeds.

There is no way to force it to behave differently?

No and I don’t see why it won’t work for you

The flexget implementation makes management much simpler.

sonarr is not flexget - and they have nothing at all to do with each other

It also seems as tho the GitHub page I link specifically talks about this and had a way to implement the desired outcome. I suppose I can reach out to those folks asking for help.

That’s likely just having a setup that facilitates hardlinks at the comment you linked.

That’s fair, hard links don’t use physical disc space. But it is “annoying” to have extra clutter in the file system, and miss matched names between the media and what is shown in deluge.

It seemingly is working as intended, I just had hoped there was a way to change this behavior as I typically seed things for very extended periods of time, and didn’t want to have to rely on sonarr to manage everything post completion of download. I suppose I could just put an arbitrary seed duration in so it will seed for a few weeks for example, then it will auto cleanup deluge and hard links, then when I want to eventually delete the file I can go into sonarr webUI and hit delete - it’s a conceptual change from how I previously managed data which was mainly done through deluge. I guess I need to stop looking at deluge, let sonarr manage deluge itself, and only interact with sonarr. I suppose I can just spin up yet another deluge docker container that is solely interacted with by sonarr for my “auto DL needs”.

Again, fair point. But seeing as this technical implementation is possible since flexget does it, I had hoped it would be an option in sonarr.

Perhaps look into switching to Qbittorrent which has qbit_manage which can tag non-hardlinked torrents.

But yes stop looking at your unorganized download directory if you’re permaseeding. Who cares what’s in a directory.

There is no mismatch because the torrents in deluge have nothing to do with the hardlinks in your media library. The torrents only refer to the hardlinks in your download directory