Is there a way to configure remote mapping other than the UI?

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OS: Docker - linuxserver/sonarr
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Description of issue: As the title says, is there a way to configure the remote path mapping during my container setup, or from scripting on the command line. Or better yet is there a way to change the default paths so that I don’t even need remote path mapping (ie. change /tv -> /data/media/tv, /downloads -> /data/downloads)? It would also be nice if i could script the config for index and download clients as well, but thats somewhat less bothersome. Ideally Id be able to store all this and just bring the system up exactly as I want it by configuring a .env and then doing a docker-compose up.

You can do it via the API, but you only need a Remote Path Mapping if your download client reports a path that Sonarr can’t reach, just have your download client use the exact same path as Sonarr uses and it’ll just work (assuming permissions are fine).

Well I’ll have my client in a different container, so I only want to mount a single docker volume and so i get mv instead of cp; rm. But thanks I can take a look at the API.

I don’t see a PUT, PATCH or POST for rootfolder. Is this the endpoint to use?

sure, map /data to /data for both containers, have the download client save to /data/downloads and sonarr have a root path of /data/media/tv

its not the “defaults” but its not exactly hard to change the directories being used by the download client or sonarr and those are typically stored under the /config mapping so your config will remain the same across container rebuilds

Right, mount an ancestor path for both the paths.

IE if your files are on the physical disk at /media/tv and /downloads you’d map / to /data for example in both containers.

A remote math mapping is not a root folder, offhand I’m not sure what the the API route is, but you can check what the UI does.

I have that set up now and everything is working in my test environment. What I’m looking for is a way to set this up as the default so I don’t have to configure at least one series to go there via the UI. I also don’t want to mount my/path/to/data/media/tv:/tv and /my/path/to/downloads:/downloads because they will read as different volumes (at least from my understanding), so I want to configure sonarr its self to use /data/media/tv and /data/downloads as the default folders. While its good that the /config will persist, I’m concerned with the case where I deploy to a different device or start from scratch (meaning i wont have the previous contents of /config).

the downloads folder is moot as thats setup in the download client, not in sonarr. sonarr just has to be able to see (and have access to) that same path so it can move files from there to wherever youve setup that particular series

you dont have to setup a series, just a root folder but how about this.

manually setup a clean sonarr container, start it up, setup the root folder to be /data/media/tv, stop the container.

now make a backup of the database files and shove those into every /config folder you use for each new container config path.

you could also setup anything else you need in there to be your “defaults”

if you want to be super clever its also possible to build your own container (based off whichever one youre currently using), add the database files to that image (not under /config), and add a startup script to copy them over to the /config path if they dont exist there. instant defaults for your containers.

Not entirely moot, it matters if they’re on different volumes for the purpose of moving (instead of copy + remove) or hardlinking (instead of copy), different logical volumes in docker are still different volumes.

How do I do that? I can’t seem to find it in the docs/wiki, and I can’t even find the option in the UI to reconfigure that, only to set the path for a series (which then auto-populates to be the default in the UI)…

im using v3 so not sure if this worked in v2 or not but go through the process of adding a new series and add a new the root folder in via that. after youve added the new root path exit out of adding the new series, dont save it.

go to the media management page and check down at the bottom that the root folder is displayed. alternatively just add a new series again and see if the root folder is now populated with what you created (or is available in the dropdown)

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