Is there a solution for a conflict between scene/tvdb naming AND numbering?

I’m aware of the google docs form to help resolve naming conflicts between scene and tvdb, but what about numbering conflicts?

I’m trying to add a show called Wipeout. There was a version of the show that ran from 2008 to 2014 for 7 seasons, and is listed on tvdb as Wipeout (US).

The show has been rebooted this year, and is listed on tvdb as Wipeout (2021). Tvdb also restarted the seasons at number 1. So Sonarr searches for Wipeout (2021) s01e01.

However, the scene is naming is Wipeout US and is continuing at season 8. So now for the first episode of the new show, tvdb considers is Wipeout (2021) s01e01 and scene released it as Wipeout US s08e01. I’m submitting a mapping request for the title but is there anything that can be done re: the numbering conflict? Thanks!

XEM should help with that I believe

I’m having trouble there too - I went to the site and registrations are closed, it says to go to their IRC channel. So I logged onto their IRC channel and it won’t let me post a message there, I get “Cannot send to nick/channel”.

sonarr discord -> #xem channel works as well