Is episode matching case sensitive?


Is episode matching case sensitive? If so could that be changed?

I noticed with “WWE Monday Night Raw”

It only matches with “Raw” and not “RAW”

Or is there something else wrong?


Series title matching is not case sensitive.

We’re going to need all the requested information for help & support threads (OS, version, debug logs, etc) to diagnose further.


OS Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Mono Version

Using lsiodev/sonarr-preview container

Here is debug log…

And trace…

It seems it only accepts releases with exact name (case sensitive) of WWE.Monday.Night.Raw and WWE.RAW.

Rejecting WWE.Monday.Night.RAW


Apparently there was an alias for WWE Monday Night Raw for the WWE RAW series and WWE Monday Night RAW for the series with the same title.

Not really sure how we ended up with this scenario, but it’ll be fixed in a few minutes when the caches expire and the alias for all caps RAW is gone. Give it a few minutes then refresh the series.

Are and different series? Both look pretty messy from a metadata standpoint and the former being locked isn’t really a surprise given their stance on sports.


I think they are the same but not 100% sure yet. I know they went through a number of name changes. Such as

WWF Raw is War
and now WWE Monday Night Raw

I just started using sonarr again and was excited that it was sorta working for wwe despite tvdb locking it.

They both have the same imdbid so maybe they have a dupe on tvdb?


Yeah it looks like the latter one is a dupe, which could be locked/deleted unless they’ve altered their stance.

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