IPTorrents indexer added with Jackett not searching properly


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10 x64 build: 17763.348
Debug logs: Single Episode Automatic Search for Brooklyn 99 Season 6 Episode 9: https://pastebin.com/BRq81VAb
RSS Feed sync for the entire series :
Description of issue:
When I do a single search of the episode it shows zero results, when i do the entire series, of which i have none downloaded, it seems to try and grab completely random shows and episodes. I believe jacket is configured correctly as radarr seems to be able to use it to search, download, and add to plex just fine. As far as i can tell the settings in both radarr and sonarr are completely identical.

I have tried setting the categories differently, lowered the desired resolution, and removed and re added the indexer with no luck.



Check the debug logs (these are not debug logs) and you can see exactly what Sonarr searched for, you should also be able to check Jackett’s logs to see how it passed that search onto the indexer. It could be category related if you used the same ones in Sonarr as you did in Radarr.

RSS Sync is not series specific, read the FAQ for more information.


Thanks! Where can i find the debug logs then, I assumed once i enabled it it would just be the sonar.debug.log.txt under the logs section in system


My bad, those are debug logs I was just expecting more, it looks like Sonarr didn’t actually search your indexer at all (I don’t see a call to Jackett logged after it says it’s searching/before it mentions zero results), perhaps because searching is disabled for it as it doesn’t look like Sonarr skipped it because it was disabled due to failing previously.

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