Interactive search show all tv shows instead only the one i search

Hi…I’ve been having a problem with interactive search for a couple of days.
If I try to search, for example, Season 04 of Misfits, it returns a lot of Season 04 of different series and the same does if I try to search by episode.
I put the log level in trace and did the search and this is the log ->
The sonarr version is and the mono version is , I use jackett with multiple trackers as a single indexer and so far I had no problems so I don’t think it’s because of that, but I don’t know what it can be.
Searching from jackett, finds them without problems -->
It happens with all the series and with all the interactive searches that I do.
Trackers do have them and, until last week, I found them without problems.
It seems that what it does (which it did not do before) is search for everything and show everything. Before, if it couldn’t find TV Show Name S0X , it wouldn’t show anything, or show TV Show Name S0XEXX , but always related with that tv show only.
If anyone can give me a hand, I would appreciate it.

Your indexers are returning erroneous results, Sonarr just displays the results it gets back.

No…that only happens when looking for it from sonarr, when doing it directly from jackett it does not happen, so I suppose that the problem is in the string that sonarr sends to jackett. Not to mention that, if the problem was that the indexers return wrong results, it would not download the new episodes/season-pack’s that are coming out, which he does without any problem

Look at the request Sonarr makes to to Jackett in the logs (your logs don’t show it), nothing has changed recently in how Sonarr does searches, it’ll either be title or ID + season and episode numbers then Jackett should translate that to the request to the indexer. Jackett also has logs for the requests it’s making.