Indexers unavailable due to failures: Nyaa

Sonarr version (
OS windows 10 arabic:
Debug logs:
**cant download anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind or any anime wth Manual search !! **:

Couple of things:

  1. According to your logs, you configured nyaa as an nzab indexer. it should be a torznab indexer. Removing it and adding it properly will help.
  2. Sometimes indexers go down. This is not cause for alarm (it is cause to look through your logs and see what failures occured…in this case bad requests).
  3. You have this anime series set as standard. While you will sometimes get results this way, setting it as anime will get you more and better results. In this case, setting it as anime allows it to search with the correct (Japanese and English) season titles and absolute episode numbers rather than just the series title and sxxexx (which gives you 0 results on your indexers). You should go into the mass editor and make sure all of your Anime series are set as Anime rather than standard, unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.

Good Luck :sunglasses:

Nyaa changed their URL format so you need to change some settings.
Go to Settings -> Indexers, show advanced settings and edit your nyaa indexer.
Then change “Additional Parameters” to “&c=1_2&f=1” and it should work.

thank you guys for the help :pray:

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